Baguio Marathon 2019 is slated and promoted to be a national-level sporting event that will be participated, talked about, experience and viewed by quite a massive number of people.

We are expecting thousands of runners from all over the country, from all running groups and communities, all walks of life, nationality, and background. Possibly, from other friendly countries too!

Viewership will be quite staggering online and offline, experiential and dynamic. Not to spill the beans, but Baguio Marathon 2019 will be the first of its kind to have a Commentators' Box giving a live telecast of the event that will be aired via our media partners, bringing the race to more families, fans and supporters. It will also be "Go Live" via our Facebook account so that people can actively participate by liking and sending in their well wishes in real time. There's more to where that came from, know our extensive marketing program by sending us a note on how to become a Proud Sponsor of the Baguio Marathon 2019!

Our collaborated marketing composition and approach is dynamic and effective. We deliver our pre-event, event proper and post-event at the rate of 80% via social media, driven by highlighting what the run is all about and the compelling reasons it makes such a worthwhile event, 20% is of course another massive experience pre-event, on-site, and quick after-event follow-up strategy. Strategic, but equally seamless in our PR, advertising and viral marketing programs.