"It both excites and scares the bone out of me." - Stephen

In a flat paved road fine but Baguio Marathon offers irregular uphills and wildly steep downhills that are both guaranteed to affect my usual running capability. Though the oxygen is purer at a high altitude of 5,000 feet the air is way thinner. Baguio's unpredictable weather is yet another notorious game-changer, forecast may say the the Sun is up and pretty, in a split second a thick fog covers giving zero visibility like a blanket, add then there's the sudden shower of cold rain. Yes, I'm in!


Baguio Marathon is using sports science that combines all available types of terrain that Baguio City has to offer; irregular uphills, steep downhills, asphalt, concrete, mud, soil, eco-trail, steps, and gravel. Simply mind-boggling!


Aimed at bringing a world-class professional marathon in the City of Pines, the entire 42 kilometers will probably become the country's most brutal course to offer; the ultimate challenge is contoured the unique landscape and climate at 5,000 feet above sea level. It combines the flat concrete and asphalt road at iconic landmarks and historic spots, irregular uphills and downhills with almost blind curves; eco-trails at Camp John Hay exposed in gravel, soil, dust, mud, twigs, and perhaps pine cones. Baguio's unpredictable weather is nature's game-changer as it keeps every level of runners on edge of their expectations.

21 kilometers is one serious stretch. It is one of those memorable milestones you never realize you could achieve. The course is equally brutal at 5,000 feet above sea level having lesser and lesser oxygen, however pure and refreshing. The unexplained combination of flat concrete and asphalt road, uphills and downhills and scenic eco-trails at Camp John Hay matches that of Baguio's unpredictable weather condition are your main chellenge. This great feat awaits you.

You can do this. 15 kilometers is just a number. You've been training well over the past season, now is the time to achieve it. You will navigate through a series of rigorous set of terrains like no other. The eco-trail of Camp John Hay gives you one of the most memorable scenic and nature view of what Baguio City has to offer, passing through iconic landmarks of the city, historic sites will welcome your achievement. Ten it is, go for it.

You are meant to overcome. One goal at a time, 6 kilometers is no joke especially if the terrain is near crazy; flat to mud to uphill, to gravel and twigs downhill and flat again! Heavier breathing explains the thinner air and oxygen content, you are excited and yet scared, but you are all over it and you are above this personal challenge. Let's do this! High five!

Out of that office and into your new challenge. It may be a new year's resolution, but it definitely is a game-changer for you. Out of your comfort zone you finally realize it is high time for a new adventure, 3 kilometers is a good and a personal challenge beginning. Tag your friends along for support, and fun. There's so much Baguio City has to offer; thick fog will welcome you, power up with our unique strawberry taho, smell the cold rain. 3 kilometers is your new beginning.